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In our company, we try to put special emphasis on the quality of the products offered. We work with farmers from the surrounding area, thanks to which we are able to monitor the product from the plantation to the finished product. Many years of experience in drying herbs, supported by technology based on industrial solutions, allows for the lowest possible loss of essential oils in relation to the drying time. A cleaning line specially designed by us, with the possibility of unifying a large batch of raw material, multi-stage cleaning, sieving, and removal of both heavy and light fractions makes us able to achieve very high purity of the raw material with optimal grinding.

The implemented control based on PLC drivers in conjunction with SCADA systems connected by OPC servers allows for authorized viewing and access to individual, even dispersed production stages from every corner of the world.

Installed neodymium magnets and a metal detector make the raw material free from metal contamination.
Each batch of raw material that leaves our plant meets the stringent European standards for contamination with pesticide residues, each batch is accompanied by a certificate from leading Polish laboratories.
All deliveries of raw materials that we accept are tested in our factory laboratory for the content of essential oils as well as ashes insoluble in 10% HCL acid. This allows us to select the input raw material in such a way that the batch output can meet certain requirements.

We also monitor parameters such as:

• PA content
• heavy metal contamination
• PAH content
• toxins
• allergens

We also have implemented HACCP, along with the ISO22000: 2018 food safety management system, confirmed by a certificate.