Thymus Vulgaris

tymianekSpice with a distinctive bitter and spicy taste, which thanks to essential oils is widely used in many fields. It has bactericidal and fungicidal effect and cures diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is also used in cosmetics. In the Fajsławice district thyme is grown since the early 50’s. To this day it is grown by traditional methods in small family farms in the ecologically clean areas without industry. The evidence of its uniqueness is the inclusion of “Thyme of Fajsławice” in 12.06.2013 on the Traditional Products List.

Thyme offered by our company is acquired from growers we work with for many years. The local microclimate, soil conditions and unique traditional method of cultivation make the content of essential oils very high (ranging from 1,5% to even 2%). We are able to prepare large batches of uniform raw material corresponding to the requirements of customers, both for the food, cosmetic and for the pharmaceutical companies. Ranging from fix of 0,51mm fragmentation to thyme leaf of 0,5-2,5mm.

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